Forming New Relationships

Whenever people get together in groups, they seem to form a series of social circles, and these are often determined by their financial background or family history. Old money rarely mixes with new, families with a long history do not socialize with those who have just moved into an area, and even the rich and poor seem to separate along unmarked lines. All of these are ways to separate people, and the rules can keep compatible people apart for decades.

Going to a class reunion can bring all of these rules back into play, but some people are able to cross the lines when it comes time to meet with former classmates. They have married into an old money family, or they might have found financial success in a new business. For them, attending the class reunion can still be an awkward time. They do not know exactly how they will be perceived, and they are concerned their old group of friends will reject them.

The difficulty of reunions is that old ties, forgotten in the modern world, suddenly resurface. Meeting old friends and facing former classmates of different social circles can be a time when people are forced to evaluate their life. They see the waste in how they were treated and how they treated others, but not all of them are willing to change. Some will cling to the old ways, and they fear rejection by those that once were staunch allies.

If a person is willing to look past what happened when they attended school, they might find that former classmates have realized the old rules may no longer apply. Someone who was too good for them in school might remember them fondly, and they could find the relationship of their dreams if they are willing to open their mind to forming new social circles.