The Class Reunion


Meeting Former Loves

Class reunions provide a unique opportunity to see former classmates with a more mature prospective. There is always the girl everyone thought was ugly, and she is now stunningly beautiful and successful. People look at her and realize now she was a good person worth getting to know. They may have regrets for their former dismissal, but some will not know how to apologize. This is yet another missed opportunity to be a friend to someone. Those who take a chance to speak to her have truly matured, and they may gain a great friend out of the reunion.

Students often date each other during school, but they move on in life or move away as they age. One reason many people go to class reunions is to get back in touch with former loves. They have a chance to relive portions of their youth, and this helps them see what they did right or wrong. It is often a time of great happiness as well as sad regrets.